Victoria Brown has always had one dream in her heart and with the love of her family and encouragement from her father, she is determined to pursue her dream. Tragedy strikes when her beloved father is killed but this also opens Victoria’s eyes to follow her father’s dream for her. This begins a journey of self discovery, of strength, courage and love. Through pains, tears, laughter, joy and unforgettable experiences, Victoria will discover who she really is in this gripping tale.

Set in a time and society where being a dark-skinned female looking to pursue a career as a lawyer in a white male dominated field was totally unacceptable and unheard of, our character will face challenges, in her career, her relationships and in her life, but she finds her dreams and love against all odds, prejudice and discrimination.

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Personal Development

Happiness Inc. Ebook + Printable Vouchers

Happiness Inc. will inspire you to live each day happy, develop a happiness state of mind, have a happy attitude and share your happiness. The ebook comes with Happiness Affirmations and beautiful Happiness Vouchers that suggest something for you to do everyday to develop a happy attitude and just be happy


Dare To Live Your Best Life Now

Do you want to take action today to start creating and enjoying your ideal life? Imagine waking up with purpose everyday because you are living the life that you love. Imagine waking up every morning and making the decision to enjoy your life no matter where you are right now. What you need is to be reminded how exciting your life can be, and the confidence and boldness to live life on your own terms. This book offers truths that stand between you and your best life. It is an action guide for creating the life you want and enjoying it. It is time to finally take action to dare to live your best life now, don't wait another day to start living your life to the fullest.


Believing Girl Series


As a Believing Girl, you can design a life that is aligned with your passions, dreams and purpose; you can live a rich, robust and fulfilling life, you can make all your dreams come true, build and maintain strong, loving relationships, be and look fabulous and live and enjoy each day to the full. One of the greatest things is to take your ordinary life and live it in an extraordinary way. Welcome to your fun guide to being fabulous, bold, fierce and awesome, get tips for maximizing your every day, developing a great attitude, putting your dreams to work, spicing up your life, living awesomely and much more. It’s time for you to discover and explore and live life with enthusiasm, excitement and style.



A collection of bold and colourful 'I AM' affirmations that's guaranteed to pick you up and put a spring in your step everyday