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Life Lesson: It Will Only Make You Stronger

Life is full of challenges and I learned that a long time ago, but what I also learnt and discovered was that these challenges were not designed to destroy you, they are designed as tests for you to build in you a formidable character, so you become the best of you.

You know the saying ‘what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger?’ that’s Life lesson number 1

There will always be tough times, there will always be times that will test your faith, challenge what you believe, but don’t let your heart fail in those times, instead let it build in you a better and stronger character and a winning attitude so that when you face another challenge, for you will surely do, you are well equipped to meet it and conquer it. Think back to all the tests and exams back in school, they promoted you to a higher class and eventually got you ready for the real world.

Remember, tough times may last but tough people last longer, also be reminded that challenges are part of life, they will not last forever, use them as preparation for your promotion. The good thing about these times is that they actually teach you to discover your strengths, someone once told me, ‘you don’t know how strong you are till being strong is your only option’, how true, challenges you face and go through become a reference for you, it’s like a warrior, once he goes to a war, he remembers how he won in previous battles and so he is not afraid of this new battle, he meets it head on with the mindset that if I won the others, I can win this too, this, my friend is what challenges do for you

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