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Feature:Yasmine Williams-Woods

Hello Believing girls, we have something special to inspire, motivate and build you up, we are all about promoting Believing Girls around the world and for this feature, we are super excited to bring you Yasmine Williams-Woods, The first things you notice about Yasmine is her warm smile and her passion, she has inspired me so much and I know every word from this interview will bless you tremendously. Get ready to be taught and inspired to be the best God has made you.

B.G – Tell us about you, who is Yasmine Williams-Woods?

Yasmine – I am a bold Woman of Christ, wife, and mother of four with a fierce heart for God and women.
Love, indeed, lifted me. I experienced applaudable progress in my career as an educator but eventually realized that promotion does not equate to purpose.  That’s why I am here. That’s why I have started my warlike mission to help women conquer life with courageous love.

Love conquers all. Period.
My belief in this truth was birthed from the fact that I grew up with nothing but gained everything through the power of love. 
I help women to see how the Bible teaches us to operate with productivity, power, and purpose.
The principles I share are anchored in the promises of God. The very promises that pushed me from poverty & pain to college educated, joyfully married, peacefully parenting my 4 little ones while spiritually dominating every demand on my life

I was raised by a single mother whose love was unrelenting. I became a mom at 14, but my mother’s steadfast support of my success never stopped. Her commitment to Christ coupled with encouragement from those around me, empowered me to graduate valedictorian of my high school class and earn a degree from Northwestern University.  Friend, this is a big deal for a girl born in a small town.

B.G – What projects are you currently working on?

Yasmine – Oh my goodness, I feel like there’s so much. My word for 2020 is fulfill. God kept putting it in my spirit that this year would be a year of manifestation. So I’m busy executing all that God has put on my heart. 

  • Specifically, I’m working on my first bible study. Our generation is all about living our best lives. And I believe that God DOES want us to live our best lives but it doesn’t look like what culture teaches us to believe. So in this bible study, I walk alongside women as we explore biblical truth around this popular phrase.
  • I’m growing my online Community of Conquerors via my email list, Instagram, and Youtube channel. 
  • I’m in the draft phases of a children’s book that God put on my heart a couple of years ago.
  • I just started a YouTube talk show with my good friend and stylist, Shana Berkely. It’s called “Girl, I got questions!” and is for women who are trying to figure out life and pull it together. It’s a really fun show with a girlfriend feel. As Shana and I like to say, we discuss faith, fashion, and a few other things. 
  • To sum it all up, I’m working to be ALL of the woman that God created and called me to be. None of me left behind!

B.G – Tell us something about you that will surprise us

Yasmine – Whew. This one is hard. I’m an open book and feel like everybody already knows everything about me. Okay. Here’s something. I love scripture and can quote the bible well. However, I don’t always know where to find the scripture. It’s something that I’m working on intentionally. 

B.G – What is your message?

Yasmine – My message. My mission is that “you can conquer life, and everything that it throws at you, by leveraging the courageous love of Jesus.” 

B.G – As a woman of faith, how do you keep and nurture your faith in everything you do and every day in our modern society?

Yasmine – I have to study scripture! Old school, sit down with my pbj (pen, bible, and journal) and GOOGLE for any clarifying questions.

I also listen to at least one sermon each day.

Lastly, what’s a believing girl without worship music to rock out too?

B.G – What is your typical day like?

Yasmine – This is a hard question that I’m always reanswering. A “perfect” weekday means I’m up by 6:00 at the latest and take 30minutes-an hour to be with God before getting my four little ones off for the day. I do a variety of ministry related tasks. Depending on the day, I lead a small group, co-facilitate a parenting class, create content, or attend events. There’s always cleaning and laundry involved with a home cooked meal at least 3 nights out of the week. When possible, I end my night with HGTV to relax my brain.

B.G – As a wife, mom, speaker, writer, how would you advise Christian women to be the best that God has made them 

Yasmine – This one is easy. Read the bible and believe EVERYTHING that it says about you. I would be remiss if I didn’t encourage you to get a copy of my Bible study when it is released. It answers this question in specific detail

B.G – Ok, girligotquestiontv, how did you come up with that name, it’s very catchy, I love the uniqueness of it

Yasmine – Over a course of 2-3, my cohost and I created a list of names that we thought were hip and communicated our disposition. We kept thinking about the woman who we want to be impacted by our show. Where is she in life? What do we want to say to her? What would she say to us? We knew that she was trying to figure out life and do this thing the right way. That’s how we created “Girl, I got Questions”. We all have questions!

B.G – What’s the purpose of the tv project? What do you plan to achieve?

Yasmine – The purpose is for women to know that they’re not alone. None of us are perfect and are all trying to figure it out. We are in this together and want to have fun. Our prayer is to empower women to grow in sisterhood, faith, and confidence. Let’s own every aspect of ourselves and not create a fake fascade. God made us exactly how He wants us to be. Let’s show up as those women. 

B.G – What words of wisdom will you give to believing girls out there?

Yasmine – Continue to spend time getting to know God. Through the process of understanding His power, you learn to access the power that He has put inside of you. Through our relationship Him, we grow to understand exactly who we are and how to show up on this side of Heaven. You don’t have to wait until you reach a certain level in life, read every book in the bible, or live some “Instagram worthy life.” God’s light is already inside of you. Shine it. Even in seasons of darkness, shine it! The more you shine it, the greater the light becomes and the more darkness you drive out. 

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