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Limiting Beliefs and How To Let Go Of Them

What are limiting beliefs? These are opinions, beliefs and conclusions you have about yourself that was formed by opinions of others, what others have said, what society and your experiences have taught you and what you have learned over the years. Many times, these beliefs are negative and some times, they are to protect you from being hurt.

Maybe you have always wanted to be an artist, you have tried and failed in your attempt over the years. This makes you form an opinion about yourself that you just are not good enough so it is better to stop trying, and this thought will shield you from the hurt and rejection. For many, limiting beliefs is their place of comfort, where they go, to avoid getting hurt.

However, the problem with this is that limiting beliefs are just that, LIMITING BELIEFS, they stop you from doing what you want to do  and they make you question your abilities. Or you compare yourself with others and this has resulted in the negative way you see yourself. These are all limiting beliefs, they are things that stop you from playing at the top of your game.

‘Each new day gives rise to the possibility of anything’

What if for just one day you let go of all these limiting beliefs, the belief that you are not good enough, the belief that you are not beautiful enough or good-looking enough, the belief that you are not fit enough or you don’t have what it takes, what if you let go of those dis-empowering thoughts that you entertain in your head. And what if for just this one day, you open your heart to possibilities that you have what it takes to achieve and succeed in your dreams, you tell yourself that it’s not too late to pursue your dreams and accomplish them, that all things are possible and that yes, you can.

What if you refuse to listen to the voice of limiting beliefs and voice out positive and empowering thoughts. Do this one day and repeat the next day and the next day and the next day and so on.

Here is an exercise for you to do, take 2 pieces of paper, on one, write down your limiting beliefs and why you believe this, on the other paper, list out what you believe is possible, don’t over think it, just write down your dreams and what you want to achieve.

Tear up the first paper with the list of limiting beliefs and keep your second list in a place you can read it every day.Don’t ever underestimate the power of writing down your dreams.


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