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Hey, we caught up with Martina M. Davis, an amazing business woman and christian and of course a Believing Boss, to see what she is up to and her plans for the future. Okay, I have known Martina for a short while and I am so captivated by what she does and I knew we had to get her featured on here, so read on and get inspired.

B.GPlease tell us about you, who are you and what do you do?

Martina M. Davis this is me.

I’m a daughter of the most high and holy, a kings kid!  I’m a wife and this upcoming May will make it 10 years with my hubby ( we met at 15 and still at it). Gerard and I have 5 children( 4 girls and 1 boy). We legit spent our entire 20s having babies and just in case you’re wondering yes we are done having children. I spent 10 years in business management and been on this journey of entrepreneurship for the past six years. Through my company she means business I’m building a sisterhood of women who serve in the marketplace place. As a business planner I teach on business and personal development, marketing, branding and the Bible. I love teaching the word of God especially from a business point of view.

B.G – How long have you been in business?

6 years….I’ve taken a break through my journey because of work and motherhood. 

B.G – As a christian woman in the marketplace, what advice do you give to others who want to start their business?

Advice that I wanna share with others who are starting a business….

•Pray and always seek God

•Don’t be anxious 

•Don’t look to the left or right. Focus on the path that God has just for you.

• Faith without works is dead, meaning you can have all the faith in the world but if you’re not putting action behind that faith you won’t go far.

•Try the spirit (yes even in business. I had a discovery call with a potential client before and I couldn’t figure her out, something was so off and the more she began to talk the more confusing came my way. Even when I prayed it was like God could not hear me. I don’t know how to explain, it just feels so empty, long story short she was into some demonic stuff I had to cut her off real quick).

• Enjoy the process! (Listen, on this journey of entrepreneurship or being a business owner you are going to learn so much on the business side and even in your personal life there’s going to be so much growth. Your emotions will be all over the place you’re going to have ups and downs. Just enjoy it God is doing a work in you and your business).

•Write everything down, I suggest getting yourself a business journal. Write every idea,every person who comes to mind just journal it all down. There will be times when you will randomly think of locations and dates for different events just write it all down, every time God speaks to you write it down!

I could really give you more but I think that is a great start.

B.G – What challenges do you encounter as a christian business woman?

One of my challenges was understanding what services that I would offer. I knew what my expertise were in but I didn’t know how to package it. How do I package my knowledge about business and the Bible? How do I do business God’s way, how does that look when I actually have clientele? I knew what kind of products I wanna offer like books, journals and T-shirts but I really struggled with understanding my title and my services. I struggled with clarity. I always knew like what my goal was and who my target market was but I had a hard time conveying that message to my audience about what it is that I do.Thank God this year I received a lot of clarity. 

I am a Business Planner and  I help women with their business development, branding, and marketing. I implement the word of God in my teachings and services. I’m really good at putting a plan together for the woman that I work with and helping them execute that plan. My services include:

Discovery call

Power hour

Business + Bible Study (ebook)

Business + Bible Study live (I host once a month)

And in 2020 I’ll be offering some products that I’m really excited about!




B.G – Does being a christian hinder or help you in business and how?

I’ve had a business coach myself and she asked  me why do you limit myself to Christians only? I don’t limit myself to just Christians but I I’m very bold and I let it be known in a very professional way that Jesus Christ is a part of my business model and if you work with me just expect a prayer or a scripture to come your way. 

Being a Christian helps me in my business because of that wisdom, discernment  and insight that I get from my Heavenly Father. Allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you helps me with my decision making with my clients and so much more. 

To be honest the only one who has ever hindered my business would be me for all the times I haven’t been consistent, or for the times that I gave up too quickly.

B.G – Tell us, what’s your typical day like?

Wow 😳 great question. So I completely forgot to mention in my intro that I also homeschool my children. So if I am being obedient to God I am up by 6 AM I spend time with God, brush my teeth, wash my face ,check my emails, check social media, if I haven’t already planned my post I will put out a post and then I work on my to do list or I’m journaling some ideas that God is giving me. Around 8 AM getting breakfast ready for my kids and I am teaching them from 9 AM to 12(sometimes longer). We have lunch, run errands, or I get back to work. I just started using a crockpot and that has made my life so much easier so I’ll start dinner usually around lunchtime so that will be ready by dinner time. The rest of the day I’ll either have appointments, working on project, or doing stuff with my children or for the church. I pretty much work in between my children schedule and get most of my work done at night.

B.G – What projects are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on my calendar for 2020 as far as events, creating content, Collaborations, and planning on taking on some speaking engagements. I’m finishing up this year with releasing my business and Bible study e-book as well as a business and Bible study kit. It’s all focused and geared towards customers. The goal of this is to teach + equip female entrepreneurs and business owners on how to provide excellent customer service. In the mist of all that plan and just truly seeking God to be in his will and boldly coming to him saying Lord I want everything you have for me this year! No more blockage in the name of Jesus, Lord let this be a season and a year of release and open doors. Listen I went to my heavenly father boldly  like come thru Jesus!!!

B.G – Tell us about the podcast and what you hope to achieve?

OK so I have a podcast called She Means Business and just like my company its for women who love God and all about their business. Honestly I believe that this podcast is training for me and helping me to be consistent as well as helping me to build the voice of my company. One day the idea just popped in my mind and I said what do you think Lord. I’m not a professional Podcaster I will get there but what I will say is that I just allow the Holy Spirit to lead me to the topics that we talk about and whatever I mention.

This may sound really bad but I don’t really plan out my podcast episode . There have absolutely been times where I just press the record button and started talking. The one thing I always try to do Is pray before I record, Lord use me as a vessel. When women listen to this podcast I want them to hear whatever it is that God has for them to hear. That’s really my only agenda what is God saying when it comes to your business, when it comes to your personal life. Now I definitely want to get to the point where I start having guests but for right now and the way my life is set up it’s just me and the girls I suppose, there’s new episode every Sunday.

B.G – Tell us something about you that will surprise us

I have five children 😳 

B.G – What one advice will you give believing girls out there?

Don’t stop believing. Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior is real and if you ever had a moment where you thought he wasn’t  I pray that you experience him on a new level and in a intimate way. I’m just seeking Him for his love because he has so much to give.

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