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How To Handle Fear

Have you wanted to start something or take a major step or even a small step towards what you want in your life but you are stopped by fear? Then you are in good company, everyone has those thoughts and feelings to various degrees. Or you have tried to do some things and you failed, and now you are afraid to try again, you failed before, so what? The world did not end did it? 

The difference between those who do and those who don’t is the Action Muscle. We have learnt time and again that action is one of the enemy of fear, people who have gone on to do great things are those who have regularly exercised their action muscles.

Everyone feels fear when they want to do something but like the saying goes ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’.
So you have to begin to exercise your action muscle, start with the smallest decisions, think of something you want to do today but have been putting off, go ahead and take a small step towards that goal. We are talking minor things here, because the more you take action, the more your muscles are strengthened to take action in major things.

I always ask myself when I am starting a new venture and the fear and doubt kick in, really, what’s the worse that can happen? It’s not going to kill me is it? And that’s one question you should get in the habit of asking (unless you really are in a life or death situation). So what if what you do fails? Don’t take it personally, it’s not a reflection on who you are.

Action is a way to desensitise yourself to fear, it’s like exercising your body, it strengthens your core and your muscles and your body as a whole, the more you take action, the more you are able to burst through the fear that kicks in when you want to do something in your life. So go on and exercise those muscles.

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