How To Communicate Better In Your Relationship

Be an active listener. Many people don’t know how to listen, listening is not only in being silent or quiet while others talk, it also involves a desire to want to hear what they have to say, being interested in what your partner is saying and staying focused. Look at the person talking, look into their eyes, read their body language and concentrate on what they are saying.

Notice the nonverbal communication. Not all communication are held verbally. Many times, what is not being said is just as important, so be sensitive to these. Of course you are no mind reader but by noticing body languages, facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice, you can tell what your partner is feeling. Don’t ignore these signs and be quick to respond.

Conversation. This is giving a voice to your thoughts and communicating by spoken words, learn to communicate through talking, your partner cannot read your mind so when you talk to them, they will understand you better. The key here is to communicate through conversation, remember that not all talking is communication.

Show affection and be caring. Your partner wants to know that you care. You don’t need to talk back all the time, or have a reply for every word, just small gestures of affection can be very reassuring, holding the hands, stroking the hair, holding them while they talk are some of the many gestures to show your care and affection. And this can go a long way.

Get your timing right. Sometimes, conversation will actually make things worse. If there’s a crisis, a rush, or you’re both tired and cranky, that’s obviously not the best time to have a conversation so get your timing right and do the sensible thing and wait.

Choose your words wisely. People always respond to positive words, when you criticize your partner, they will become defensive and attack back. So when you speak, choose your words wisely and know how to use  your words. Words can heal or hurt, words can uplift or destroy, they can mend or break a relationship, so be wise. 

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