Motivation + Identity


Think thoughts on purpose, don’t live a life of accidental chaos, don’t let your life be a series of accidents, luck etc, you have to pay attention to your life. Be extremely aware of the thoughts you allow into your heart. Some people pay more attention to their jobs, their friends, their careers more than they do their lives. You only have this life to live, if you don’t live it well, there are no do overs. You have got one shot at living it and you should live it right. The good news is that you have a shot at giving it another go every day and it is wise to take advantage of this.

Put in more thought and effort to plan your life and to live it to the maximum.

We have learnt how much our thoughts affect our lives, how powerful our thoughts are, so it is wise to think great thoughts on purpose, so today, take inventory of what you have allowed into your heart, take inventory of the thoughts you have, are they thoughts that make you happy, that inspire you to live your life to the max or are they thoughts that put you down.

Think on purpose, live on purpose and Be on purpose

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