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How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

Feeling overwhelmed comes from not meeting with expectations you have put on yourself or not meeting the demands you or others make on you, it’s a feeling that you are not doing as much as you should or you are not doing what you should. When you feel like you are operating below your game with too much to do and little time to do them, then you become anxious and when anxiety builds up, it gets overwhelming, so how do you stop feeling overwhelmed?

Recognise when you feel overwhelmed, don’t become so used to the stress that you live with it and it becomes a norm, so learn to recognise when you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed

Do you enjoy feeling overwhelmed? Some people like the feeling of being overwhelmed; it gives them a sense of achieving things and being busy.

Make a physical list of what’s most important and make a habit of doing those things, and know that it’s okay to do them.

Stop for one moment. Take a break from what overwhelms you and then learn to prioritise, you don’t have to take on everyone’s demands at the same time. Know what’s important in your life and prioritise your time and days accordingly.

This is your life and you call the shots, you don’t have to bend to everyone’s demands and cater to everyone’s needs and whims. Don’t be pressurised into doing everything for everyone and neglecting to take more charge over your life.

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